Hello lovely people,

Here is collection of my triumphs, tribulations & (all too many) horrendously embarrassing clumsy experiences.

Thank you for having a little look at my blog.

Lots of love, ChloëB



54 thoughts on “About

      • TechChucker says:

        Luckily that accident happened in 2011. I don’t get to run much anymore because of Plantar Fasciitis, but I hope to get back to running again someday. Your post about your first marathon just made me miss running so much more. Great experience.

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  1. Luke says:

    Hey – really like this. I’m about to take on my first marathon in three weeks (and am also writing about it), so will no doubt be stopping back here a few times before then!

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  2. joberts says:

    Love this blog! I was supposed to be in the 2015 VLM (and 2014 come to think of it!) but had to pull out through a bad back. I’m determined to do it one day!! Well done on your incredible time by the way! Just wanted to say, your motivation idea of 1 person who has touched your heart for each mile is a great idea – I’ll be pinching that one for myself 🙂

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    • Clumsy Runner Blog says:

      Aw thank you so much. So sorry to hear about your injuries, they suck! You absolutely should try and do London one year it really is the best thing in the world. Hehe you’re welcome to steal it, I loved it and so did my loved one! Really helps in those tough miles xxx


  3. chris1957 says:

    Really interesting blog…..the Reading Half Marathon where my son was running got me posting my photos and thoughts from the event, so seeing all these is really interesting. Carry on…and anyone needing any photographic input or photos taken just let me know……hobby not job…

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  4. fionac1973 says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love the way you write – it’s really inspiring. Good luck with your future endeavours – I can’t wait to read about them 🙂

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  5. thebushcrafterswife says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by and liking my blog. I’ve read a few of your posts and really love the fact that you have gone from not running to it becoming part if your everyday life. I’m really hoping I will be in hour position in the months to come. Following you for inspiration! Thanks, Jo x

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    • Clumsy Runner Blog says:

      Aw thank you – before I was a runner I always thought people who ran had ALWAYS ran, I think it’s important to know anyway can take it up and because GOOD RUNNER with a little time and effort. Best of luck 🙂 x


  6. alixsays... says:

    Thank you for visiting my site alixsays…
    It is so nice to see someone else writing comical posts about keeping fit, your one about gym clothes (&underwear) was fab!
    Keep running!
    Alix x


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